Meet Our Magical Team


Lena Khavinson


Lena found her purpose and calling in helping her clients develop personally and better their lives all around. As a certified relationship coach and Astrologer, Lena empowers people to create strength in their relationships, uncover roadblocks to happiness and find peace in their lives. She has been immersed in the Personal Development field for the last fifteen years. In her pursuit of happiness, Lena has been discovering, applying and sharing a variety of tools to create power, freedom, full self-expression, and peace of mind for herself and her clients.


  • Certified Life Coach with Robbins-Madanes Life Coach Training
  • Certified Life Coach with Strategic Intervention Advanced level Elite Coaching Training
  • Certified Astrologist with Debra Silverman Astrology

Greg Wheeler


Greg is passionate about helping others heal, transform, and create unlimited love in their life. He is dedicated to using his dual certifications by Katherine Woodward Thomas as a Calling in “The One” and a Conscious Uncoupling coach, a certified Kundalini yoga teacher, and an Integrated Energy Therapy master level practitioner to help people grow through the worst and most difficult times in their lives, like Divorce, Struggling Relationships, Single Parenting, and Career Changes. Greg uses his transformational coaching process to awaken and transform his clients lives by helping them remove negative patterns, increase their self-awareness, create an exciting future self, and create new opportunities for a life of success, abundance, love, and fun.

  • A Certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach
  • A Certified Calling in "The One" Coach
  • A Kundalini Yoga teacher
  • An Integrated Energy Therapist, Master Level