Couples Retreats

  • Personalized and uniquely customized one-on-one coaching in a comfortable, safe, and private setting.
  • Our standard package consists of:
    • 90 minutes pre-retreat Introductory coaching session (Zoom)
    • 2 nights and 2 two full days retreat (Friday night – Sunday)
    • individual and couples coaching
    • guided meditations and visioning
    • relationship exercises and practices
    • self-reflections
    • a variety of fun activities
    • a 30-day follow-up Check-Up session (90 min. Zoom)
    • And more
  • Location: Princeton Marriott at Forrestal
  • Special location, content, and duration requests may be accommodated

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“Relationships 101 – The secrets every couple wants to know!” Workshop

This powerful FREE 2 hour workshop helps you realize new levels of deeper love, trust, connection, and joy in your relationship and life.

Location: Princeton Marriott at Forrestal

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