Couples Retreat

Our powerful private all inclusive couples retreat helps you realize new levels of love, trust, connection, and joy in your relationship and live. As a couples coaching team, we are passionate about dynamically transforming your relationship beyond your wildest dreams.

Between us, we have 5 decades of successfully coaching and mentoring individuals and couples.

We’re wondering:

  • Do you feel unheard, unappreciated, ignored or taken for granted?
  • Are you worried that the joy and magical glow is disappearing from your relationship?
  • Do you feel trapped and powerless to live a happy and fulfilling life?
  • Are you concerned that love and romance are gone forever?

If any of the above resonates or touches a nerve, we are excited to provide a unique life changing experience that is proven to unlock the full potential of your relationship and your life.

Our magic:

  • We developed a proven system that identifies and removes blocks and negative patterns that have been preventing you and your partner from deep connection and love.
  • With us by your side you will experience the powerful benefits of exercises and activities that will open you to an unlimited loving relationship and life.
  • Our technique utilizes teachings from some of the most progressive leaders in personal development and love centered relationships like Tony Robbins, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Katie Byron, Alison Armstrong, Teal Swan, Mark Wolynn and others.
  • Our system was created using the 4 transformative principles of self-awareness, empowerment, love and tons of playfulness. We guarantee you will experience the unlimited magic of these principals.

Retreat details:

  • Personalized and uniquely customized one-on-one coaching in a comfortable, safe, and private setting.
  • Our standard package consists of:
    • 90 minutes pre-retreat Introductory coaching session (Zoom)
    • 2 nights and 2 two full days retreat (Friday night – Sunday)
    • individual and couples coaching
    • guided meditations and visioning
    • relationship exercises and practices
    • self-reflections
    • a variety of fun activities
    • a 30-day follow-up Check-Up session (90 min. Zoom)
    • And more
  • Location: Princeton Marriott at Forrestal
  • Special location, content, and duration requests may be accommodated

The magic you’ll leave with:

  • a powerful, motivating and inspiring vision of the future you’re creating together
  • a deeper, more connected, trusting, and loving relationship
  • a joint set of signed and sealed agreements and intentions for your together future
  • skills, tools, fun activities and handouts to capture and grow the magic
  • new communication techniques to keep the magic alive
  • a deeper understanding of yourself and your partner
  • an inner transformation that unlocks the potential of all your relationships, like don’t be surprised if all of a sudden, your relationship with your boss magically improves
  • a scheduled 30-day Zoom Check-Up session

Next Available Retreats Date: November 22 – 24

Because we provide such personalized experiences the number of spaces are limited and are quickly filled.

Please contact us for additional information and availability